LOST Whispers - DarkUFO

A massive thanks to Penyours and RVTurnage for the MP3 file and for the Transcripts.

Episode: "Live Together, Die Alone"
Combined Transcripts By 'Penyours' & 'RVTurnage'

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This is no good (or) Let's do something (or) We're near them
He's asking him something
Yeah but what happened
They saw a smoke signal
Did (does) somebody see you (or) It looks like her but
You' re on her right
Behind you
I'll have to listen to the dreams (trees) to learn (find) something
He'll need to instruct you (or) Do we ambush
Why can't you (two) do it (or) Can't you see
(Sawyer gets hit with dart)
Got to have a team with you
Okay crank it up
(Kate: Sawyer!)
I knew that something bad would happen
I assume this is how you would do it
Don't tell anyone he wants it done (or) Don't want anyone to die
Lets assemble them (or) This is similar (or) What's this symbol of
(Jack: Run! Go! Go!)
It was her
So she was never taken (or) So she must never take it (or) I'm sure it's just new to you
Said I was about to (or) Someone attacked them
Get your butt out of there
Try the sequence
Had to be given lessons
Turn it on beside you
Don't do it
Don't see
You're gonna have to do it
You are too
Why can't we choose (or) I can't reach it
Two more people (or) Too young people
I'm frightened
Come on it's simple
Intruder alert
Do you think I should I lock this
No , I've seen them before
Close the door
You all need me

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