LOST Whispers - DarkUFO

(Transcribed by Sara and Chelsy using special audio equipment with features such as left and right audio, treble-mid-bass boost, reverse and slow motion without morphing the original track. Some of the audio is very quick and nearly impossible to hear at normal rate. Video of this scene is available: )

Full Transcription:
Man: "Look at me"
Ben's mother: "Look at me. It's all right, it's okay, (-It's okay, **echo) I'm here. Look at me."
Man: "Ben, You're my prisoner and- (inaudible, but most likely: "and we are ready" or "and you are mine". Perhaps both in overlay.)
Man: demonic laugh.
Ben: "I'm scared mom."
Mom: "It's all right, (-don't worry **Over lay**) patience Ben."

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