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A massive thanks to Penyours and RVTurnage for the MP3 file and for the Transcripts.

Episode: "A Tale of Two Cities"
Combined Transcripts By 'Penyours' & 'RVTurnage'

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Has she tried to talk to him (or) shall we talk to him
Look on
Has he answered (or) His head is hurt
don't (won't) talk
We're not sure if he knows that much (or) We’re not sure if we’ll find out much
That's what I was thinking
Let him go free
It's not easy keeping something that secret (sacred)
(Jack: If you're trying to talk to me, I can't hear you)
What are you gonna do (or) go on and do it
Let it go Jack
(Christian's voice?)
Now I can tell what you're doing
Bring it back to her

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