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In Namaste, the moment before Sun and Frank see Christian at the Othersville Processing Center, you will hear some whispers among all the wind and creaking noises.

With the help of fellow LOST fan boJABER, we tried to see if we can come up with some sort of details of what the whispers were saying.

Unfortunately this time around it has been quite difficult to figure out. boJABER reversed the audio and even slowed it down and it seems like you can make out the word "eternity".

If you listen to the unedited clip there seems to be two distinct moments for the whispers and the second part for some reason I thought I heard Juliet, but the more I listen to the audio, it seems like I hear: "Jury is Out" of something like that!?

Well here are 3 audio clips for you all to listen to, the unedited clip, reversed and reversed-slowed.

What do you guys hear!?

NOTE: We will continue to work on the audio and if we get anything more update the post. If any of you can figure something out, then please let us know.

Download Unedited Clip

Download Reversed

Download Reversed-Slowed

Source: The ODI

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