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Sun and Lapidus at the Barracks

Well, I took a stab at the whispers from this week's episode. I would have had this up sooner, but it took me awhile to find a program that actually worked in ripping the AC3 file from the MKV. The editing program I use reads the AC3 file directly and splits the channels automatically, so I don't really know which channel is which since it just puts a number next to it, though I can tell you that they're not in the center channel. Well, you can hear them faintly in the center channel, but they're more prevalent in others. Surround mixing is weird like that. Enough of my technical yammering though. On with the whispers.

We've gotta do it again without him.
Get out of the house
Tell me when he shuts the "?"
Sawyer's coming
What has he got that I'm without?
(There was another short whisper after this last line, but the music was too loud in all channels that it was indecipherable.)

Auditory breakdown:
Channel 4
Prevalent lines
"We've gotta do it again without him"
"Sawyer's coming"
"What has he got that I'm without?"

Channel 5
Prevalent lines
"Get out of the house" (Very breathy sounding whisper)
"Tell me when he shuts the ?"

I left the end of the last line open to interpretation. It was the hardest to decipher, so I'm curious as to what you guys think it is. I have my theory, but I want to hear yours first. Enjoy.

Source: Tickybox @ The Fuselage

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