LOST Whispers - DarkUFO

Episode: "One of Them"
Combined Transcripts By 'Penyours' & 'RVTurnage' (Center, Left-Right Combined, Left & Right Audio Tracks)
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Center Channel
Let go of Henry
Can we (just) abort
I warned him not to do it
Can't do it from the shelter (south)
Can't move him(?)
Apparently they have done this before
Time to get another
I've decided to go with this (I want to see it)
We'll decide
Center Channel Fast
Stop him
That'll do (I'll go)
I would have saved him but she ran into him
We need a torturer
Control of his buddy
You've heard them fighting for control?
All over
Center Channel Super Fast
What are they going to do to Henry in there?
Plan something...he got busted
It's not over
(This part was a different speed than the rest)
Obviously he knows something
Drop the (blast) door
It's gone wrong
(In background)
Don't set 'em free
Left & Right Channel
You tell him what to do
Is he crawling?
Why don't you tell him who you are?
Thought I could get you to them
It's not over
Who called the doctor?
Left & Right Channel Fast
I don't think he'll be able to con them
Boy that makes you confident
Is that computer on?
How long has it gone for?
(Combined with music)
He's fine
(Combined with music)
Left Channel Super Fast
Stand up so they'll call it off
Who are you caring about?
He don't work
We wanted to share it
Right Channel Super Fast
Somehow we will go and reach him
From here it wasn't so great

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