LOST Whispers - DarkUFO

Episode: "One of Them"
Combined Transcripts By 'Penyours' & 'RVTurnage'
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Maybe we should have stopped it / him
Try to execute
We've got to see if we can get through to him
(Sayid: Tell me about this balloon)
Get off for a second
(Henry: What?)
Something's blocking it / It's right beside him
(Sayid: This balloon that brought you here with your wife)
Go ahead and do it
Might have heard from him / My eyes hurt
(Henry: What do you want to know)
Is he gonna give it away
He's interrogating him
(Sayid: Everything)
Calmly begin speaking and act completely...
So it's okay...
We can get you through this ordeal
We are minding the radio
(Henry: She's a hundred and forty feet high, sixty feet wide...)
It ain't sixty feet...
It can't be much taller than that... maybe a hundred footer
(Henry: and when she's up in the air, 550,000 cubic feet of helium...)
Clearly he thought you were on top if it / Clearly he's not too on top of it
That gives more to do
(Henry: And if you could look down on her...)
He's on to him
Probably blew it
(Henry: you'd see a...)
So he buys it
He played him
(Henry: big yellow smiley face on top)
It's not quite ready
I need help
They don't believe him
(Sayid: Why would you travel in that way?)
Tell him "for my business"
Why else would he do it
(Henry: Because I was rich...)
Any country might have fit
Just stay calm and he won't hurt you
(Henry: It was my dream)
I know you're doing something
Screwed something up / He *beep* it up
I don't know how else to put it

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